Pesach Journal 2019

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Regular Service Times


Shacharit: 8.45am

Children’s service: 10.30am

Mincha/Seuda/Maariv: 65 minutes before Shabbat ends

Weekday Service Times

Shacharit: Monday to Friday 6.30am

Shacharit: Sunday/Public Holidays 8.00am
Mincha:  Sunday to Thursday 5.00pm

Maariv:  Sunday to Thursday 5.15pm

Second Maariv Only: Monday to Thursday 7.30pm


Friday 19 April – Public Holiday - Erev Pesach
Fast of the first born commences:  5.07am
Shacharit: 7.30am   
Latest time for eating Chametz:  10.01am        
Latest time for disposing Chametz:  10.57am   

Shabbat and Yom Tov begins: 5.10pm   

Mincha: 5.30pm 

Fast ends:  5.55pm

Kabbalat Shabbat: 6.00pm

Saturday 20 April – Pesach Day 1
Shacharit:  8.45am
Mincha 12.20pm
Maariv 2nd night Pesach:  6.00pm
Light candles for 2nd day Pesach after:  6.11pm
Sunday 21 April – Pesach Day 2 
Shacharit:  8.45am
Mincha:  12.20pm

Maariv and Yom Tov ends:  6.10pm

Monday 22 April – Chol Hamoed - Public Holiday
Shacharit:  8.00am

Mincha followed by Maariv:  5.00pm

Tuesday 23 April & Wednesday 24 April – Chol Hamoed
Shacharit:  6.30am
Mincha followed by Maariv:  5.00pm

2nd Maariv:  7.30pm

Thursday 25  April – Chol Hamoed – Public Holiday - Eruv Tavshilin 
Shacharit:  8.00am   

Candle lighting:  5.04pm

Mincha:  5.20pm

Maariv: 6.00pm

Friday 26 April – Pesach Day 7
Shacharit:  8.45am

Mincha: 12.20pm

Light candles:  5.03pm

Kabbalat Shabbat:  6.00pm

Saturday 27 April – Pesach Day 8 
Shacharit:  8.45am
Yizkor: 10.30am      
Mincha:  5.00pm
Moshiach Seudat:  5.20pm                
Maariv and Yom Tov ends:  6.21pm