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The following members on receiving an award for the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
Rodney Levis AM for significant service to the fashion retail and manufacturing industry, and to the community.
Dr Leon Simons AM for significant service to cardiovascular medicine, and to education.
Dr Gary Hilton Weiss AM for significant service to business, and to the community.
Mr Roland Errol Gridiger OAM for service to the performing arts through administrative roles.
Mr Robert Magid OAM for service to business and commerce, and to the Jewish community.

Sarit Michael and Joel Spira on their engagement, and to their parents Rina and Adam Port and Dr Dan Michael and Dr Paul and Anne Spira and grandparents, Dr Sam and Elsie Goldman and Zofia Kipen and Rachel Michalovitz.                                         

Bar Mitzvah Anniversaries

I Joshua Brenner I Benjamin Gold I Paul Gold I Neil Midalia I Joe Skurnik I Darren Curtis I Alex Abulafia OAM I Calev Gay I Chani Gelgor I Manny Goldschmidt I Benji Bauer I David Basserabie I Dr Edde Price I Martin Harris I Benjy Reid I Peter Grunfeld I Simon Ritch I Joshua Maloon I Aaron Klimt I

Bat Mitzvah Anniversaries

I Jemima Sirtes I