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Amiel Rubenstein on her Bat Mitzvah and to her parents, Paul and Amber Rubenstein and grandparents, Colin Rubenstein AM and Jan Rubenstein and Jacki Neuman.

Aaron Levy on his Bar Mitzvah and to his parents, Robert and Sue Sonnenschein and grandparents, Egon and Miri Sonnenschein and Shirley Symonds.

Daniel and Talia Dinte on the birth of their son and to the grandparents, David and Judy Dinte and Tony and Esther Diamond and great-grandparents, Meryl Dinte and Viv andNaomi Diamond.

Michael and Jessica Roth on the birth of their son and to the grandparents, Stanley Roth AM and Charmaine Roth and Michael and Jacky Finkelstein and great-grandparents, Judah and Bernice Finkelstein and Peter and Nicky Strasser.

Bar Mitzvah Anniversaries

I Benny Neumann I Jacob Foxman I Saul Lieb I Jake Berman I Dan Bennett I Robert Phillips I Dean Michel I David Collins I Saul Cohen I Joey Fridman I Gabriel Moldovan I Benjamin Jacobs I Harry Rosen I Jeremy Grunfeld I Jonny Cass I John Tintner I James Finkelstein I

Bat Mitzvah Anniversaries

I Talia Klimt I Deborah Goodman I