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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Academy

Bar Mitzvah Academy

The Central Synagogue’s eight week program offers an interactive approach to  equip pre-Bar Mitzvah boys with the fundamentals of Judaism in a fun and collaborative  way. Classes cover a series of different topics including: 

  • What Bar Mitzvah means to me?
  • An intorduction to becoming Bar Mitzvah
  • Kashrut: Everything you need to know about all-things-kosher
  • Taboos of the Jewish religion
  • All about Israel: Our State, our Home Land

And there are many more topics on offer. Central’s Bar Mitzvah boys will learn how to put on Tefillin; write the holy text of a Mezuzah, and importantly, discover the back story to the relevance of reading from the Torah. So many rich traditions will be covered associated with this milestone moment.

Bat Mitzvah Academy

Rebbetzin Chanie Wolff has carefully designed this nine week program, providing Bat Mitzvah girls with enriching and stimulating knowledge on their important journey to becoming Jewish women.

  • What a Bat Mitzvah means to me?
  • Mitzvot and the power and effects of our deeds
  • Shabbat and candle lighting
  • Challah baking
  • Kashrut
  • My Jewish name

Each session is a  fun opportunity for mothers and daughters to learn together and benefit from discovering the significance of Judaism and the true meaning of Bat Mitzvah. Here is a handful of exciting, educational topics on offer: