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5 November 2020

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Rabbi Levi Wolff - Chief Minister & Rebbetzin Chanie Wolff

Rabbi Levi Wolff and his wife, Chanie, both hail from New Jersey, USA. In 1996, Rabbi Wolff joined Perth's Northern Suburbs Hebrew Congregation as senior minister. The young Wolff family moved to Western Australia and he held this position with distinction for five years.

In August, 2001, Rabbi Levi and Chanie Wolff joined our shul, replete with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. For over 15 years, they have certainly won the hearts of so many in Sydney and beyond with their sincerity, dedication and devotion to our Kehillah, our congregation.

Rabbi Wolff is the driving force behind the growth, warmth and soulful energy that is synonymous with Central.
Rabbi Wolff advises, “The Central Synagogue is a Modern-Orthodox shul that appeals to the current sensibilities of today, yet remains loyal to the timeless values of Torah-true Judaism.

Chanie and I strive daily for a community that is motivated by the commandment, “Love your fellow as yourself.” We want everyone to feel welcome and at home. The Central Synagogue is a community within which an individual’s needs, concerns or questions are given respectful attention. It is a place where members can strengthen their love for the State of Israel, thereby deepening the passion for Jewish identity. We envision that the new Paul and Eva Lederer Youth Campus will be a positive, happy space for children resulting in parents frequenting shul a lot more than ever before!

All of the above is achieved through social events, mentoring opportunities and classes. And most importantly, via one-on-one engagement.
The Central Synagogue has an established reputation as a community leader with timeless Jewish values. We continue to grow stronger, delving and reaching ever-deeper. Join us and become part of Australian Jewish history!"

A message from Rabbi Wolff

“As Chief Minister, I have the honour of leading services and providing support to my congregants. I have the privilege of officiating at (and joining in) many and varied celebrations. At other times, I offer assistance to those coping with life events that may require strength and fortitude of spirit.

Together with my wife, Chanie, and our beautiful children, I am truly blessed to be part of this unique and exuberant congregation. Our numbers are large by any standard, yet first and foremost, we are a mishpochah, a family, and our unified roots run deep. With committed and devoted congregants, we have continued to expand and grow. This includes, the extension of new classrooms, libraries and educational facilities, conducive to stimulation and learning. Of course, maintaining and preserving our sacred sanctuary is always top of our To Do list as well.

I pray that Hashem may grant me the wisdom and strength to always provide guidance, support, spiritual growth and comfort to those in need.

With blessings for the rebuilding of the Jewish People’s ultimate sanctuary in the Holy Land.”

Rabbi David Freedman - Pastoral Care

Rabbi Freedman entered the rabbinate in 1973 and has served various congregations with distinction in London and Sydney. Rabbi David joined our shul in 2009, primarily to help in the area of pastoral care and to assist Rabbi Wolff. He visits Jewish patients in hospitals each week and makes himself available for specific hospital or home visits as well.

In addition to his duties for The Central Synagogue, Rabbi David lectures in Medieval Jewish History at Sydney University and in Jewish Law at UNSW. Rabbi David, along with his wife, Ruth, cherish time with their children and grandchildren in both Sydney and Perth.