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Rabbi's Shabbat Message

Join us this evening for an amazing Musical Shabbat service with special guest musicians. Jamming starts at 5.15pm followed by a musical Kabbalat Shabbat 6.00pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!

This week’s Torah portion, Yitro, holds a special place in my heart. It marks the first Shabbat that Chanie and I were fortunate enough to experience in this Great Southern Land … exactly 23 years ago! 

We initially alighted on the west coast with Perth as our first Aussie home and before long, we crossed the Red Centre (by air!) and certainly feel privileged on a daily basis to be here with you on the east coast in Sydney! We are humbled to have the opportunity to continue developing sincere, meaningful relationships with so many special souls Down Under.

This Shabbat we read in this Parasha about how the nation of Israel united to receive the Torah. Cue: Ten Commandments given en route to the Promised Land. What an exhausting but exciting expedition!

I’ve been thinking about the physical journey we made across vast oceans and lands 23 years ago, coupled with the life-long spiritual journey we are all on. In this spirit, allow me to share a “Rabbi’s Ten commandments” - 10 bite-size maxims that I’ve found have encouraged personal growth and tangible change in our world. I hope they can enrich, nurture and cultivate yours:

1. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
2. People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did … people will never forget how you made them feel.
3. There is no limit to how much you can achieve … if you learn to give credit to others along the way.
4. Our talents are G-d’s gifts to us – what we do with them is our gift back to G-d.
5. The best way to honour those who have passed is to devote yourself to those who are present.
6. A rabbi’s best sermon is the way he lives his life!
7. There is no greater honour than the responsibility to mould future generations. 
8. A successful business may be measured by how much it brings in …  in contrast, a successful community is measured by how much it gives out.
9. A rabbi’s job is to comfort those who are disturbed and disturb those who are too comfortable.

10. In a spiritual encounter, one-plus-one equals three.

This weekend, we feel blessed to welcome and host our daughter, our kallah, Mushka, along with our future son-in-law, Mendy. In addition, his dear parents, Alter and Debbie are here along with members of the extended Levitin family.

We are conscious that just as we landed here from the United States for the first time many moons ago, so too do valued members of the Levitin crew this Shabbat!

Just a quick shout out to advise that The Central Synagogue along with I-society will be hosting a Young Adult Summer Shabbat on Friday February 28th. It’s guaranteed to be great food, wine and company for only $25 per person. Seats are limited, so book as soon as you can!

To every single precious member of our Central Synagogue family, thank you for your support, trust and faith – we are here for you!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Levi and Chanie Wolff