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Kosher Sydney

The Hebrew word ‘kasher’ literally means fit or proper. Kosher laws outline what foods may be eaten and how they may be prepared according to Jewish law. Kosher foods are divided into three categories: meat, dairy and pareve.

The laws of keeping kosher extend to the cooking process and preparation is critical to the overall kosher status. For example, for meat to be kosher it must undergo the prescribed method of slaughtering animals and fowl for consumption, known as shechitah. This is performed by a shochet, a ritual slaughterer. (Sidebar: did you know our multi-talented Chazzan Sheni and Choir Master, Rabbi Yehuda Niasoff, is also an experienced shochet!)

The laws of Kashrut are many and varied – there is so much to know. Our holy Torah teaches that keeping kosher is essential for one’s body and soul. Here in Sydney, we know kosher! Visit  for a thorough listing of kosher stores; restaurants (meat and dairy); caterers; bakeries, butcher and more.

For a one-stop-shop, visit Krinsky’s Kosher Supermarket, 175 Bondi Road, Bondi – if you are in Bondi Junction, head to the Coles supermarket, Westfield Bondi Junction. There, the full-time rabbi on-site updates KA shelf-tags daily for all kosher products in-store.

If you would like your kitchen to be kashered, contact The Kashrut Authority’s office on 02 9365 2933. Please visit The Kashrut Authority’s website,, for all general kosher information.

In addition, visit Community Kashrut,  to find more helpful kosher news about what’s on offer around town, including a local kosher caterer, pizzeria and bakery offering many kosher items in-store.

For the latest news about all-things-kosher, join The KA’s Facebook group, ‘Kashrut Authority of Australia and NZ’. With over 3,000 members, your questions will be answered immediately and help is just one click away!