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Bar Mitzvah

A boy must be over the age of 13, according to his Hebrew birth date to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah is usually celebrated on a Shabbat morning but can take place on a Monday or Thursday when the Torah is read, or on a day that is a Rosh Chodesh (and a few other very specific times. It is a significant event in Jewish culture and is often celebrated with family, friends, and community members.

At the ceremony the Bar Mitzvah boy will read from the Torah, recite prayers, and deliver a speech. The service is typically followed by a celebratory meal or reception, where family and friends gather to congratulate the Bar Mitzvah boy.

On the day a boy takes his momentous steps towards the Torah for the first time, he experiences the defining moment when he assumes responsibility for prayer and good deeds as a Jewish man.

Overall, the celebration of a Bar Mitzvah is an important milestone in the life of a Jewish boy, marking his transition into adulthood and his commitment to the Jewish faith and community.

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Bar Mitzvah teachers

Rabbi Yehuda Niasoff

Velvel Lederman

Ari Levy

Eitan Franklin

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Bat Mitzvah

The spiritual experience of preparing for Bat Mitzvah represents a positive and enjoyable chapter in a girl’s maturing process which will leave her with deep-rooted feelings of pride and affection for our heritage.

At Bat Mitzvah, it is said that a woman’s soul comes of age. This is the time when a young lady is entrusted to bring the joys, values and traditions of Judaism to life for herself and for her generations to come.

A girl usually has a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12 years but there is no strict timing in this regard. The Batmitzvah ceremony at The Central Synagogue takes place before or during the Friday night service, where the girl delivers her Dvar Torah.

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Bat Mitzvah teachers

Aviva Itkin

PLEASE NOTE: All bar mitzvahs conducted via The Central Synagogue will have to provide kosher catering at any celebratory function.

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