Pre marital classes

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Chanie and I strive to cultivate meaningful and close relationships with every couple we work with, not just for their wedding day but for their entire journey in marriage and family life. through not only their wedding day, but for their marriage and family life ahead.

Our approach to officiating at a Chuppah is to create a concise and meaningful ceremony that is spiritual, meaningful and uplifting. We also place a strong emphasis on engaging all guests, Jewish and not, so that everyone can share in the beauty and inspiration of the ceremony.

We believe in being there for couples as friends and spiritual mentors, and remaining connected with them for their future family celebrations. Our ultimate goal is to help couples achieve the most harmonious blessing of all – Shalom Bayit, which means peace and love in the home. From the feedback we have received, our approach is truly special, soulful, and spiritual.

Our pre-marital lessons are highly recommended. This experience truly provides a spiritual connection with Rabbi and Chanie Wolff and… each other!

The classes are held a few times a year at Rabbi and Chanie’s home within a group of other couples are getting married through Central.

The topics of these lessons include:

  • Important thoughts about your wedding day: The all-important rehearsal of the Chuppah
  • Pillars of a Jewish home: Insights into a Jewish Marriage and the Home
  • “The Mikvah and the Laws of Family Purity”
  • A Practical Marriage: The Dos and Don’ts