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The Physical Doors Of Our Shule Are Temporarily Closed For Services, However We Are Operating Virtually And Remain Very Much Open For 

Spiritual Business!

Parshat Naso

Friday 5 June : Light candles @ 4.34pm
Saturday 6 June : Shabbat ends @ 5.35pm     


This Week

Rabbi Freedman 

Monday Nights Shiur click here

Rabbi Wolff

Tuesday Nights Shiur click here

Central Clubhouse with Elie & Karin

Wednesday @ 10.00am.  Interactive weekly and fun activities

Pre Shabbat Service- Friday Nights

Join our Rabbis and our Chazzanim for a spiritually filled Musical Shabbat

Havdalah- Saturdays 

Feel the cup, smell the spices, see the flame of the candle, hear the blessings and taste the wine.


Shabbat in a Box - click here

We are here to bring light into the homes to those in our community effected by current events.  The gift is a complete Kosher Shabbat meal delivered to your doors thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. 

Adopt A Grandparent - click here

We are here to help the elderly, and vulnerable. Please email here if you can help or if you need assistance

Daily Caffeine Shots For The Soul

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