Jewish mysticism teaches us that our soul mate is predetermined before we are born. That one soul is made into two and that once we have found that special someone our souls are re-united under the Chuppah making us whole.

When you get married you are bringing the Divine into your relationship and making it holy. The blessings under the Chuppah elevate the couple’s commitment beyond human limitations and acknowledge that they are married not just because they chose to be, but because G-d said so.

All couples getting married at The Central Synagogue partake in our pre-marriage course. Click here for more information.

The classes form part of your pre-wedding preparations and are interesting, informative and extremely valuable in helping establish the framework for a wonderful married life.

If the wedding is held at the shul we will provide the chuppah but should you choose an external venue, a chuppah will have to be provided by the family.


All weddings conducted via The Central Synagogue will have to provide kosher catering at the function following the chuppah.

We will require proof of your Jewish identity in the form of your parent’s Ketubah so please ensure you have this document when booking a wedding.

If you have been married previously we will require a copy of your Get (Jewish divorce)

For more information on Weddings please call Mandy (02) 9355 4000 or email