For decades, tens of thousands found Jewish answers to their hardest life questions at the Brooklyn doorstep of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Simply known as “the Rebbe,” he showed how Jewish wisdom provides clarity and direction on our real-life concerns about health, work, family life, fulfillment, adversity, and anxieties.

The Rebbe spent long nights meeting countless people from all walks of life to talk about their most pressing personal struggles—and often kept going until sunrise. He answered hundreds of thousands of personal letters.

Spiritual and political leaders came, seeking guidance on public and community affairs. And countless private individuals came, too, seeking answers to private questions of everyday life.

Now, you can discover the Rebbe’s real-life answers for yourself.

Embark on a multimedia journey to uncover the goldmine of clarity and direction contained in the Rebbe’s timeless advice for living a more purposeful and successful life.

See how Jewish values offer timeless guidance for finding purpose and meaning in every part of your everyday life, from career choices to mending relationships and confronting challenges.

Join Rabbi Wolff at The Central Synagogue every Tuesday at 7.30pm, starting on February 13th.