Parashat Va'etchanan
Shabbat Nachamu
Candle Lighting Times 4:55pm
Shabbat Ends 5:56pm

Regular Service Times

Weekdays (Monday - Friday):

  • Shacharit:  6:30 am

Weekdays (Monday - Thursday)

  • Mincha: 5:00pm followed by Maariv
  • Maariv only: 7:30pm


  • Shacharit:  6:30 am
  • Mincha: 1:00pm
  • Kabbalat Shabbat:  6:00pm


  • Shacharit: 8:45am
  • Children's Service:  10:30am
  • Mincha//Seuda/Maariv: an hour before Shabbat ends

Sunday/Public Holiday:

  • Shacharit 8:00 am
  • Mincha: 5.00pm followed by Maariv


Welcome Home

The Central Synagogue is a modern Orthodox synagogue and the spiritual home of the largest Jewish congregation in the Southern Hemisphere.  

We are an active and vibrant Jewish centre for all ages, which stands solidly on three fundamental and powerful foundations: Spiritual Life, Continuity of a Vibrant Congregation, and Love and Support of Israel. Our community gathers in the warm and loving sanctuary to pray, observe Shabbat and festivals, or to commemorate special anniversaries and yahrzeits.

Our doors are always open for people to find emotional support, spend precious time with family and friends, and to demonstrate their connection with the Jewish people throughout the world.

Bar Mitzvah Anniversaries:                                                                  

Rabbi Levi Wolff I Mr Paul Keen I Mr David Z Baffsky AO I Mr Eddie Geller I Mr Jacques Klein I Mr Adam Reichman I Mr Laurie Kresner I Mr Zak Michael I Mr Rodney Evans I Rabbi Dr Robert Lewin I Mr Jonathan Lipton I Mr Brian Topper I Mr Richard Lipton I Mr Philip Rosen I Dr Stanley Jacobson I Mr Richard Vesely I Mr Ismar Schneeweiss I Mr Jake Besser I Mr Geoff Weinberg I Mr Jordon Blanket I Mr Owen Nathan I Mr Gideon Harkham I Mr Garry Glass I Mr Ronnie Sternberg I Dr Julien Ginsberg I Mr Shanon Mirels I Mr Alan Bloomfield I Mr David Wittenberg I Mr Michael Misrachi I Mr Jesse Krasnostein I Mr Zac Wiesel I Mr Max Epstein


Kim Solomon and Simon Efron on their forthcoming marriage, and their proud parents, Netta and Gary Efron & Rodney and Susan Solomon.

Maya Grynberg on her Bat Mitzvah, and to her parents, Mark Grynberg and Rachel Setti, and grandparents, Carol and Victor Grynberg & Marilyn and Mair Setti.

James Nathan and Simone Phillips on their forthcoming wedding in Israel this week, and to their families, Rob and Judy Phillips & Peter and Sarah Nathan, and their grandmothers,  Clara Zipser, Millie Phillips  and Mama Gun Wood.

Rabbi Levi and Chanie Wolff & family on their 14th year anniversary with our shule, Wishing you and your beautiful family many more happy years with our shule, and thank you for the magnificent work that you both do in the shule and the wider community.

Rabbi on his Bar Mitzvah anniversary.

Welcome to Professor Arthur Feinsod, who is the playwright of the play “Coming to See Aunty Sophie”. A performance is being held especially for The Central Synagogue members and their guests on Sunday 9th August @ 7.30pm, at the Fig Tree Theatre, Uni of NSW. Please see our website or call the office for more details.

Farewell to Michael and Rosaleen Gilovitz, who are leaving us this week, and will be closer to their children in Ireland and Israel. We wish you both a safe journey, good health and much nachas  with your families.

Shirley and Jerrold Jacobson on their 60th wedding anniversary, may you be blessed with many more healthy and happy years.  Bis...120!

A hearty welcome to the Australian Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Dave Sharma.                 

What's On

August 2015

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